Artist / Painter


Born in Japan, currently live and work in Swansea Wales. 

I explore the relationship between spirituality and artistic expression. During meditative states, I transfer the true nature of the inner unconscious behind the mental and emotional phenomena on the art works. In particular, I focus in capturing the expressions of the essential soul. I have experienced that art expression (especially abstract expression) frankly influences the state of the creator’s soul. I strongly believe that the non-intuitive expression coming from the inner worlds of the artist plays the essential role in art, and art technique is merely a tool of canalizing it. My works aim to harmonise our minds and bring balance in the world. I believe that the beautiful mixed colours and shapes of abstract painting affect people’s mind positively and free ourselves from negativism or own frame of mind.  My art work is mainly abstract art and is produced on a wide range of mix media paintings using different materials such as pastel, ink, pencil, acrylic and sand. I am influenced by abstract expressionismpsychology and spiritualism such as Shintoism, Buddhism, Non-dualism, and Healing therapies.

My art works have been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries, and some were chosen for selected shows and private collections. Studied MA Art & Design in Leeds Beckett University.  




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