A b o u t


 Ryoko Minamitani is Japanese artist based in South Wales (UK)

Her art works have been shown in numerous exhibitions

and galleries in the UK mainly

and some were chosen for selected shows

and private collections.

She creates pure abstract painting with spirituality.

It is produced on a wide range of mix media method using different materials

such as sand, pigment, pastel, ink, pencil, acrylic and others.

She is influenced by abstract expressionism,

psychology and spiritualism such as Shintoism,

Buddhism, Astrology and Healing therapies


Studied mixed media painting under Yokoo Tatsuhiko

who is Zen master and painter in Berlin Germany and

hold MA Art & Design at Leeds Becket University in the UK.





S t a t e m e n t


I explore the relationship between spirituality and artistic expression.

During meditative states, I transfer the true nature of the inner unconscious behind the mental and

emotional phenomena on the art works.

In particular, I focus in capturing the expressions of the essential soul.

I believe that art expression (especially abstract expression) is influenced by the state of the creator’s spirit.

The beautiful mixed colours, shapes and vibration of painting  affect people’s mind positively.

My aim is to uplift people’s mind and freedom from negativism or own frame of mind trough art.

I believe what you feel from Art is the truth to you.

Artist is just transformer from the unseen world to the painting.








C o l l e c t i o n s


CICA Museum in Korea

Yoga centre and Zen Buddhist group in UK

Private collections in UK, USA, France, Ireland, Abu Dhabi, Portugal and Japan





I n s t a g r a m







E x h i b i t i o n s


2023  Solo show, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield UK

2023 Art Roundhey show, English Art co, Leeds UK


2022 Tremor show, Tabaco factory, Bristol UK

2022 Art Roundhey park show, English Art co, Leeds UK


2022 "Flora" Group show, Open gallery, Halifax UK


2021 Winter group show, Thrown contemporary, London UK


2021 "Identity" group show (selected finalist), Holy art gallery, London UK


2021 Group show, Artrium gallery, Leeds UK

2008- 2020 Various Exhibitions in UK, Japan, Greek, and Korea